Meet the Cartoonist


Andrew Toos

'Andrew Toos' is the cartoon pen name of Andrew Grossman.  Forced to find alternative employment after a series of unilateral job breakups, he stumbled upon visual humor.  His cartoons have appeared in work for Cengage, Scholastic,, JetBlue, Bayer, Tropical Smoothie, Wall Street Journal, and thousands of other websites, presentations, textbooks, magazines, blogs and greeting cards.  His work has been anthologized in numerous cartoons collections, such as 'Lawyers Lawyers Lawyers', 'Cats Cats Cats' and 'Modern Employment'. Through companies such as Phoenix Licensing and NobleWorks, his cartoons have also been a hit on greeting cards. His business, education, medical and legal cartoons are consistently rated the most popular by speakers, authors and presenters.  For 30 years Andrew has been known for his customer service, attention to detail and ability to take ideas and turn them into funny, on-point cartoons.