How do I buy a cartoon?

Use the keyword search to enter a description of your topic, such as 'Change Management' or 'Human Resources'. Relevant on-target cartoons will appear.  Select your cartoon(s) then email andrew@cartoonresource.com or call 616-307-3974 for pricing.  For pricing, be sure to let us know your usage need, time period and circulation (if relevant).

SUBSCRIPTION packages are available for heavier users of cartoons - email andrew@cartoonresource.com or call 616-307-3974.

If I buy a presentation cartoon, how many times can I use the cartoon?

Cartoons purchased for Presentation can be used an unlimited number of times for twelve months after purchase.

In what format do I receive the cartoon and how do I open the cartoon?

Cartoons are available in full-sized jpeg files appropriate for your usage.

How long does it take to receive a cartoon?

Cartoons are sent to you immediately upon discussion of usage and price.

If I buy a cartoon, do I own the copyright?

The standard rights purchased are second rights. Additional usage rights to a cartoon can be purchased.  In many cases the cartoon can be "bought out" and you own it exclusively.  To inquire about these additional rights contact andrew@cartoonresource.com.

Can I use a cartoon in my presentation and in my handout or other printed material?

Rights for both presentation and print usage can be purchased, contact andrew@cartoonresource.com for pricing.

Does CartoonResource.com own the copyright for all cartoons on the website?

Yes, CartoonResource.com has representation and reproduction rights for all art on the website.

Do you offer all cartoons in color?

Yes, to purchase a b&w cartoon in color, contact andrew@cartoonresource.com with your request and we will respond with pricing and scheduling to receive the revised cartoon.

Will you change the cartoon caption for my usage?

CartoonResource.com will change the caption of many cartoons for client use. Contact andrew@cartoonresource.com with your request and we will alter the caption to your specifications.

Do you offer cartoons as greeting cards?

Many CartoonResource.com cartoons are available as art on greeting cards. Contact us for pricing and schedule of delivery.

What if I decide to buy more than one cartoon, can I receive a discount?

Typically, CartoonResource.com pricing discounts begin with the purchase of 5 or more cartoons in one order. Contact Andrew@CartoonResource.com with your purchase order size and we will provide a total cost estimate with discount.

How do I commission you to create custom cartoons for me?

Contact andrew@cartoonresource.com with your request.  Please provide your usage, whether B&W or color, and circ (if appropriate).  We will typically have a phone conversation after we receive your email to clearly understand your wants.  We will then provide pricing for your project. Upon acceptance of the price, we will develop ideas for your project cartoons or work from your ideas to execute a rough for your review. Upon approval of the rough, we will execute the final art, which will be sent via email attachment.

Can I purchase a cartoon to use in a blog, on a social networking site or in a community forum post?

Yes. All cartoons are available for use on blogs, social media or community forums. Contact us for pricing.

Additional questions?

Contact andrew@cartoonresource.com or call 616-307-3974.

For the best returns on your keyword searches on CartoonResource.com type in the topic you are searching for - leader, sales, law, for instance.  Another option is to go below the Search box to the Browse Categories section.

Call 616.307.3974 or email andrew@cartoonresource.com